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ALAssetsLibrary is deprecated. Now What?

When developing applications for iOS9.x you will get a warning about¬†ALAssetsLibrary is deprecated and you should not use it. You are using Assets Library¬†framework for some years, you learned everything about it but lets face it; ALAssetsLibrary is old. And now it left short when we talk about¬†newer and modern iOS Photos features. Luckily, Apple gave us the Photos Framework with iOS 8. You can develop applications that using user’s photos with new Photos Framework.

Photos Library provides modern API’s to us for;

  • Request and check authorization from user
  • Retrieving user’s Albums
  • Retrieving photos, videos and metadatas
  • Editing and updating Albums
  • Editing and updating images and videos
  • Listening and reacting to changes
  • Caching images

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